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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

What is

in 2019 we launched a platform that empowers farmers to win more and profit investors. We provide major inputs to commercially verified farmers to expand their farms and provide at the same time provide opportunity for anyone to become major investor in Agriculture.

What we do

Myfarm provides access to funds, training and farm inputs and other necessary logistics to rural farmers with an objective of optimizing the quality and quantity production level and generate profit for farmer and investors.

Why Farming?

Agriculture has been one of the long aged and most reliable investement of man. The challenge a lot of farmers face is the lack of disruptive changes to harnass the wealth of agriculture. was launched to make this possible.

How secure is my Investement?

We have utilized 3 safe landing pads to ensure our community funds are fully protected. 

  1. Insurance: We have signed an issuance policy with Leadway Insurance company to provide cover for our farms
  2. Capital Protection: At every phase of MyFarm investment we lay aside funds equivalent to investor capital to augment any form of lose arising from poor harvest or market price fall
  3. Serious and Trusted Farmers: We work with only farmers who have a reliable and active track records and must have farms equivalent to the input they require.

We also work closely with export markets to ensure we are abreast with current market conditions to ascertain when best to enter and exit the market.

What exactly happens after my investment is received?

After we have received and processed your investment, we channel funds to the appropriate farm investment as has been detailed in the farm you selected. Funds are never channeled to other farms other than the one you select. We monitor all farmers’ activities from planting to harvesting, storage and sales.

How do I receive returns for my sponsorship?

After sales of farm harvest all investment proceeds are processed within 1-3 business days. Your capital plus profit will be sent to your supplied bank account during registration. Please ensure account details are accurate.